Stainless Steel Drums & Industrial Containers – Seamless Construction

Seamless construction ensures there are no crevices within the drum which can trap materials or cause impurities in your product. These drums are easily cleaned because no crevices or material folds exist inside the container.

Our high quality manufacturing ensures a robust, strong drum that can withstand the rigours of years of transport and storage. The 16 gauge construction and 14 gauge top and foot chimes ensures a drum you can use reliably for years.

These sanitary drums can meet your specific process or project requirements with a variety of custom add-ons, liners and finishes.

If you have a unique applications that requires a customized solution, we have the experience to work with you on your project: custom designs, custom finishes (e.g. coatings, polishing, passivation, epoxy, electro-polishing, anodizing, embossing, paint), custom sizing, accessories and additions, testing.

We specialize in producing containers and pallets for use in clean areas, for high purity products, in sanitary environments and for dangerous goods which must be stored or transported including radioactive materials. Our drums are used as well for mixing and in other processing activities in industry: food and beverage, fragrance, cosmetics, chemical, medical.


Standard Stainless Steel Drum Specifications:

205 litre capacity

(55 US gallon, 45 imperial gallon) or other custom size

16 Gauge Construction

Crevice free design for easy cleaning and decontamination

Fully Welded Construction

2B Finish, 304L or 316L Grade Stainless Steel

(to ASTM and ASME material specifications)

With Lid or Openings

Open head with lid and stainless steel closing ring or
Closed (tight head) drum with ¾” and 2″ openings

22 ½” Diameter or other

tight head drum by holocene

Tight Head

Our tight head drums come with a variety of possible openings: 3/4” and 2” flange and plugs with BUNA, Viton or other gasket material.

radioactive waste containers

Custom Open Head Containers

Our custom open head containers have rolled over edges to ensure a tight fit with the custom cover. These containers are also stackable.

Holocene Inside crevice free seam

Inside Crevice
Free Seam

Detail of the inside crevice free seam used to prevent contamination of your products and for ease of cleaning.


Custom Applications

  • UN 1A1/X1.8 closed head drums
  • Type IP-2 closed head drum (IAEA specifications)
  • Additional openings
  • Containment system (e.g. epoxy lining)
  • Finishes (polishing, passivation, acid wash)
  • Coating (e.g. Teflon-type coatings)
  • Baffles
  • For vacuum use
  • Inserts (e.g. strainers, mesh)
  • Heavier gauge construction
  • Lifting lugs, specialized handling dollies, spreader bar lifting systems
  • Straight sides (without ribs)
  • Valves, couplings, etc.
  • Viton, Teflon, Buna gasketting

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